BDS Curriculum

Curriculum Book of BDS

The curriculum book of BDS consists of the content introduced to the medical students of BDS during their 4 years of undergraduate medical education at Women Medical & Dental College, Abbottabad (WMDC). It is based on the educational standards and curriculum guidelines provided by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), Higher Education Commission, Pakistan (HEC), and Khyber Medical University, Peshawar (KMU). The curriculum of Women Medical and Dental College (WMDC) adopts the evidence-based concept of constructive alignment.

Curriculum Development:

With the changing trends in medical education worldwide, the Department of Medical Education & Research (DMER), and Women Medical and Dental College (WMDC) reviewed the teaching and learning process in the institute. This led to the introduction of small group interactive sessions and online learning management systems to promote learning. The curriculum of Women Medical & Dental College (WMDC) is distinct due to the application of the evidence-based concept of constructive alignment introduced by Biggs (1996). According to this concept, the Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) must be aligned with the Learning and Teaching (L&T) activities and assessments for effective learning. Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) refer to what a learner should be able to acquire or do at the end of a course or session (Biggs, 1996). This framework has been integrated into the guidelines provided by Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), Higher Education Commission (HEC), and Khyber Medical University (KMU).

Academic Calendar 2022-2023 (MBBS & BDS)


Commencement of classes

26th December 2022Commencement of classes 2nd Year MBBS
2nd January 2023Commencement of classes 2nd Year BDS
12th  January – 12th February 2023Winter Vacations MBBS & BDS
13th  February 2023Commencement of classes 2nd Year MBBS & 2nd Year BDS Commencement of classes 3rd Year MBBS & 3rd Year BDS Commencement of classes 4th Year MBBS
16th February 2023Commencement of classes 5th Year MBBS
18th February 2023White Coat Ceremony
20th  February 2023Commencement of classes 1st Year MBBS & 1st Year BDS Commencement of classes 4th Year BDS
16th March 2023

Student Society Elections

20th  to 24th March 2023

Plantation Day

23rd March 2023

Pakistan Day

8th April- 24th  April 2023Ramadan & Eid-ul-Fitr Vacations
27th AprilBlock N Examination
1st May 2023Labour Day
2nd MayBlock D Examination
4th MayBlock J Examination
2-14th May 2023Sports Practice in the evening
9th May 2023Block A Examination
15th May – 20th May  2023Sports Week Debate Competition Qirat & Naat Competition Fun Fair (Along with Classes)
25th June-2nd July 2023Eid-ul- Adha Vacations
2nd June 2023Block O Examination
5th JuneBlock G Examination
3rd JulyBlock K Examination
10th July1st -year MBBS Trip
13th July1st & 2nd -year BDS Trip
17th  July2nd -year MBBS Trip
19th July1 Muharram
24th July 2023Block B Examination
27th July – 28th July 2023Ashura
1st August 20233rd & 4th-year BDS Trip
3rd August 20233rd-Year MBBS Trip
7th August 20234th-year MBBS Trip
9th August 20235th– year MBBS Trip
10 AugustBlock E Examination
14th August 2023Independence Day
21st AugustBlock P Examination
11th SeptemberBlock L Examination
12th SeptemberBlock H Examination
18th SeptemberBlock M Examination
25th SeptemberBlock F Examination
27th September 2023Eid Milad un Nabi
2nd OctoberBlock C Examination
16th OctoberBlock Q Examination
30th OctoberBlock I Examination
9th November 2023Allama Iqbal Day
25th December, 2023Quaid Day

• Subject to confirmation from KMU. • May change as per actual exam schedule. • Subject to moon sighting.



Medical Education & Research, Planning and Development of Medical Curriculum for BDS students

Dr Summara Khan is accomplishing MME. Programme from University of lahore.


B.D.S (Pak),

MME from University of Lahore.

Skills and Expertise
Academic System Strengthening, Working and accomplishing standard setups by regulatory bodies of Pakistan, Member of Disciplinary Committee of BDS, WM&DC, Lead of BDS Curriculum WM&DC, Student management, Coordination between Women Medical and Dental College and Rehmat memorial and dental hospital. 1 year experience in operative dentistry and medical education, Worked with Various Government Camps.