Life at WDC

Studying at WDC is more than an education. It’s about writing your story

When you walk into Women Dental College Abbottabad (WDC) you feel a sense of awe. Straddled between lush, green mountain ranges, the college has a unique charm that soothes the soul and encourages learning. Throughout its history, WDC has been characterized by small classes, diverse faculty and staff, rigorous academic standards and a safe, caring environment. But it’s more than bricks and mortar—students here prove that WDC is one of the best medical institutions in the region.
WDC has a long and proud history of providing unparalleled dental education for women. The faculty consists of highly qualified academics, and the college runs a rigorous dental program that is a constant upgrade in line with modern technologies and best practices.

Learning at WDC is more than an education, it’s about writing your story. Staff, faculty, and mentors go to great lengths to ensure that every student’s educational experience is tailored and tailored to their personal and professional goals. Specializations in dentistry, radiology, and maxillofacial surgery are just a few of the options available to students who expand their skill set and experience at WDC.
The college also boasts numerous research opportunities and an environment that encourages collaboration between students and faculty. The school boasts a plethora of extracurricular activities and events, such as clinical visits and mock exams, for students to get hands-on experience in both medicine and research.

And when the day is done, WDC provides a safe, secure environment with excellent dormitories, first-class facilities, and a vibrant, involved student life. Students live in close proximity to the college, making it easy for them to get involved in campus life and take advantage of the many recreational and social activities that the college offers.

Studying at WDC is more than an education. It’s about writing your story. From academics and laboratory experience to extracurricular activities and campus life—Women Dental College Abbottabad provides an enriching experience that offers both educational and personal rewards.