Oral Biology & Tooth Morphology includes the study of the development, structure, form and function of the oral cavity and its constituent parts with special emphasis on the gross and microscopic structure of teeth and their supporting structures. It is a foundation course in dentistry which is taught during the second year. The course consists of four components including Oral Histology, Oral Anatomy, Oral Physiology and Tooth Morphology.

Oral Embryology, Oral Histology and Oral Physiology provide understanding of development of the oral cavity followed by the microscopic study of teeth, their supporting structures and the bones, joints and glands of the oral cavity. The function and clinical relevance of each structure is concurrently discussed.

The students with good understanding of Oral Biology are able to provide best clinical service to the patients. Dentists apply this understanding for the diagnosis of various conditions associated with oral hard and soft tissue abnormalities.