Today’s workshop on Formative Assessment was a huge success! We were honored to have Dr. Saadia Hamid, a public health specialist, serving as the Head of the Community Medicine Department at Frontier Medical College. With a robust background in community health, she also has expertise in Research skills. Currently, she is further working on her professional development as an intern in the Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE) program at the National University of Medical Sciences(NUMS) Dr. Saadia Hamid provided invaluable insights on the importance of formative assessment in enhancing student learning outcomes.
Special thanks to our chief guest, Dr. Adnan Bashir, for presenting a shield and certificate to Dr. Saadia Hamid and wishing her luck for future endeavors!
Additionally, Dr. Abdullah Qazi distributed certificates among faculty members who attended the workshop.
Thank you to everyone who made this workshop a success! #FormativeAssessment #MedicalEducation #Workshop #FacultyDevelopment

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