Symposium on leadership and management in health professions education

As part of our Faculty Development Program 2024, we are pleased to announce an upcoming symposium on leadership and management in health professions education. This topic was identified through the needs assessment for our 2024 faculty development initiatives. We invite all stakeholders in leadership and management positions to attend this academic event and contribute their […]

workshop on Formative Assessment Nurturing Excellence in Medical Education

Today’s workshop on Formative Assessment was a huge success! We were honored to have Dr. Saadia Hamid, a public health specialist, serving as the Head of the Community Medicine Department at Frontier Medical College. With a robust background in community health, she also has expertise in Research skills. Currently, she is further working on her […]

Celebrating Oral Health Day

Celebrating Oral Health Day on Thursday, May 16, 2024, at Women Medical and Dental College was a phenomenal experience! The posters and models showcased by our deligent students were outstanding. Special thanks to our esteemed judges, Prof. Dr. Talib, Associate Prof. Dr. Bilal Z. Babar, and AP Dr. Madeeha Jadoon. The event concluded with an […]

Research Poster Competition

Students from Women Medical College Abbottabad participated in the Research Poster Competition at the Conference on Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences (CTEPS’24, 11th, May 2024), held at Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST). Accompanied by our esteemed professor, Dr. Shahid Ullah Khan, who also delivered an oral presentation on ‘Biosynthetic Silver Nanoparticles against Gastric […]

Workshop on New Educational Strategies

A workshop titled “New Educational Strategies” hosted by Dr. Summara Khan, BDS Curriculum Lead at Women Dental College, and Dr. Raima Bilal Khan, Professional Development Lead at Women Dental College delved into these essential topics aiming at enhancing teaching methodologies. With a focus on empowering faculty, Dr. Summara provided invaluable insights into implementing Gagne’s Nine […]

Highlights from the 2024 In-House Student Society Elections

The in-house student societies elections were held on the 25th of April,2024.The extensive campaign carried out amongst the candidates of different societies lasted a week, followed by a voting day on which three different polling stations in three different locations were held for all MBBS and BDS classes. Crowding the polling stations, slogans for favorite […]

A seminar on Quality Enhancement at Women Medical & Dental College

A seminar on Quality Enhancement was held in the Main Auditorium of Women Medical & Dental College on 24th April 2024 from 10:00 to 11:30AM. This seminar was facilitated by Prof. Dr. Ruqiyya Sultana (Director Quality Enhancement Cell, Ayub Medical College) and organised collaboratively by the Quality Enhancement Cells of Women Medical College, Women Dental […]